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JKM Nema 17 Captive Linear Actuator
    • JKM Nema 17 Captive Linear Actuator
    • JKM Nema 17 Captive Linear Actuator
    • JKM Nema 17 Captive Linear Actuator
    • JKM Nema 17 Captive Linear Actuator
    • JKM Nema 17 Captive Linear Actuator
Product Details

Model: Nema 17 Hybrid Stepper Motor Captive Linear Actuator With Threaded Drive Screw (1.8 degree)

Top selling designs deliver high performance, opening avenues for equipment designers who previously settled for products with inferior performance and endurance.

This Series is available in a wide variety of resolutions - from 0.00006-in. (0.001524 mm) per step to 0.00192-in. (0.048768 mm) per step, and delivers thrust of up to 50 lbs. (222N), or speeds exceeding 3 inches (7.62 cm) per second 

1. It has a threaded drive screwheld mostly inside the motor body which connected to a spline.
2. It has a built in anti-rotation though the use of a spline shaft that allows it to extend and retact as a unit with no requirements for additional anti-rotation.
3. The captive actuator is designed for shorter strokes up to about three inches, the basic design is least tolerant of system misalignment and is the most protective actuator style, beacuse it is self contained. The captive has the longest basic body style.

1、Specification of Nema 17 Captive Linear ActuatorsJK42H2A5007K4-22

Brand:JkongmotorProduct Type:JK42H2A5007K4-22
Phase No.2 PhaseRated Voltage:5.0V
Step Angle:1.8DegreeLead Screw Diameter:Φ6.35mm
Lead Screw Lead:1.5875mmLinear Travel Per Step:0.0079mm/step
Leads No.:4 leadsInsulation resistance:100MΩ (500VDC)
Heat Rise:80℃Minimal Thurst /300pps:10KG

2、Specification of Nema 17  Captive Linear Actuator KitJK42C0302-1203-25.4S

Brand:JkongmotorProduct Type:JK42C0302-1203-25.4S
Phase No.2 PhaseRated Voltage:12V
Step Angle:1.8DegreeLead Screw Diameter:Φ5.56mm
Lead Screw Lead:1.12192mmLinear Travel Per Step:0.0061mm/step
Leads No.:4 leadsInsulation resistance:100MΩ (500VDC)
Heat Rise:80℃Minimal Thurst /300pps:5KG

3、Specification of other linear actuators stepper motor:

Winding Voltage2.33VDC5VDC12VDC5VDC12VDC
Currentt (RMS) /Phase1.5A700mA290mA700mA290mA
Resistance /Phase1.56Ω7.2Ω41.5Ω7.2Ω41.5Ω
Inductance /Phase1.9mH8.7mH54mH4.4mH27mH
Power Consumption7W
Rotor Inertia37gcm2
Insulation ClassB
Weight8.5oz (241g)
Insulation Resistance20MΩ

Linear Travel / Step
Screw Φ0.218 inch (5.54mm)Screw Φ0.2185 inch (6.35mm)

4、Product Parameters of 42BYGH Lead Screw Stepper Motor Linear Actuators:

Product Type: Nema 17 Hybrid Stepper Motor Linear Actuators

Place of Origin:china

Minimum order quantity:5pcs

Material Science:stator, rotor, stainless steel shaft, copper wire, magnetic steel...

Feature summary:  Low Inertia,Quick Feedback; High Torque,High Efficiency; Small Vibration,Low Noise

Packing:The sample is packed in carton,the batch with plastic pallet

Delivery time:Standard product: 7-10days

Customized product: 25-30days

Transaction mode:EXW, FOB, FCA, CIF, FAS, CFR, CPT, CIP, DAF, DEQ, DDU, DDP...

APPLICATION:JKONGMOTOR linear stepping motor is a motor that converts electrical pulse signals into corresponding angular displacements or linear displacements. This small linear actuator stepper motor can be widely used in various fields, such as a 3D printer, stage lighting, laser engraving, textile machinery, medical equipment, automation equipment, etc.

5、Drawing of Linear Actuators Stepper Motor:

nanotec captive linear actuator

6、Different Stepper Motor With Linear Screw Design:

non captive linear actuator

7、Other Stepping Motors Customized Design:

If this motor do not match with your request. Please feel free to contact with us,We can make customized shaft / winding / mounting flange / cable / connector / Encoder / Brake / Gearbox and others. We will works side-by-side with you and your team to design a motor that will fit the precise needs of your application. All Engineering and Support is done in-house.

hybrid stepper motor

8、Customized Shaft Types of Step Motors:

nema11 stepper motor

stepper motor shaft

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