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About Us

Company Profile:

CHANGZHOU JKONGMOTOR CO.,LTD. was founded in 2011,is a professional high-tech manufacturer of stepper motors and brushless motors.Now 80 employees, workshop area of 6,000 square meters.

CHANGZHOU JKONGMOTOR CO.,LTD (Changzhou Jingkong Motor&Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd)is an ISO9001 Professional manufacturer. Was established in 2011 year. We are a professional manufacturer in Changzhou city, China. Production Capacity exceeds more than 1 million motors per year. Our Company offers many major series of products: Hybrid Stepper motors, Closed Loop Stepper Motor, Linear Stepper Motor, Brushless Dc motor, Dc Brush motor, Motor Driver, Geared Motor, Brake Motor, PM Stepper Motor, Power Supply and so on... We are always continues develop new type models.

We are also have several joint venture companies who specialized in the production of AC servo motor, PM stepper motors, Spindle motor and Motor drivers. We export our motors to more than 30 countries Such as United States, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and so on.

Jkongmotor sold to major manufacturing Companies for Industry of automation, medical and health care equipment, 3d printer machines, packing devices, Information Technology, household appliance products.

We have an Engineering team with many years of experience in application Engineering, design Engineering with the latest advances equipment. Our Engineering Staff provides the finest quality product with service after the product is delivered to our Customers.


Development History:

2011: Jkong Motor Company was established, and the first stepper motor from the production line in March.

2013: Trademark registration, the company's products quickly opened to the European and American markets.

2014: The company's development scale is further expanded, and the company moved to Hutang technology industrial Park to further open the domestic market.

2015: Reached a strategic cooperation with the largest 3D printer manufacturer in Shenzhen. The 3D printer motors produced by our company rely on excellent quality to help customers become world-renowned brands.

2016: Various models of brushless DC motors have been matched with many domestic manufacturers and quickly opened foreign markets.

2017: The introduction of high-precision production and testing equipment from the United States, Germany and other countries has laid the foundation for entering high-end industries. Passed ISO9001 quality system certification in the same year.

2018: Develop new fan motors and air purifier motors for home air purifier products, and cooperate with home appliance manufacturers such as Bailang Electric Group.

2019: The company moved to a new plant of 7000 square meters to further expand the production scale.

Independent research and development of stepper and brushless motors for the textile machinery industry to help energy-saving and emission-reduction in high-energy-consuming industries.

2020: Despite the epidemic, the company as a whole is still rising against the market. During the epidemic, it has provided high-quality motors for well-known ventilators, protective clothing and other manufacturers, and contributed our strength to win the epidemic.

2022: Looking forward to the future······

Company culture:

● Business Philosophy: Customer is God and service is benefit. Science and technology as the power and quality of survival

● Enterprise Creed: Create value for customers and benefit for employees. For the enterprise development for the society to make a contribution

● Corporation Vision: Become a leading brand in the motor area

● Quality Policy: Teamwork for excellence. Customer first, continuous improvement

● Four Compre-hensive: Fully build a high-quality team. Fully solve small details. Fully promote digital management. All-round strict requirements on the leadership team.

Service principle:

Quick response principle:

● The quality problems reported by customers must be answered within 4 hours.

● For all quality problems, all departments must help customers solve problems in the first time.

Principle of empathy:

● From the perspective of customers, think about customers' needs.

● Really feel the customers' worries, and effectively solve the problems in products and services, so that customers can use products with confidence.

Value-added service principle:

● While customers enjoy the company's products, the company actively provides customers with technical support, new product recommendations, and feedback of the latest market information to maximize customer benefits and experience value-added services.

Customer Participation Principle:

● Sincerely invite customers to visit the company to understand the production process, personally experience the company's culture, management and current situation, accept customer suggestions humbly, and actively and effectively improve work.

Sales service:

Pre-sale service:

①  Provide users with free technical consulting services.

②  Provide users with product samples, company profiles, credit certificates and other materials.

③  Invite users to our company to inspect product design, process flow and quality management system.

④   Free design and select models based on site conditions and user needs.

In-sale service:

In the product manufacturing process, the relevant technician of the user are invited to our company to observe the inspection of each process in the manufacturing process, and the relevant technician of the user are provided with the product inspection standards and inspection results.

After-sales service:

①  Carry out technical training based on user needs, and improve products according to user needs in time.

②  Resolutely implement the product "Three Guarantees" service policy.

③  The service engineer is on standby for 24 hours after processing the customer's call or letter information within 8 hours; the service engineer cannot leave the scene if the fault is not handled, and the customer's permission is required to leave the scene.

Motor Production Process:

1、JKONGMOTOR communicate with customers on specific requirements.

2、JKONGMOTOR technical staff offer drawings based on the results of the communication between the two parties and send them to the customer for confirmation.

3、Customer place an order according to the confirmed drawings and JKONGMOTOR start to purchase related parts.

4、Incoming parts inspection: Qualified parts are put into storage, and unqualified parts are returned to the supplier, and re-inspected and put into storage until they are qualified.

5、Preparation for production: The stator is wound according to the requirements, and the resistance is tested after the winding is completed. After the inductance test is passed, it is transferred to the wiring team for wiring, and then the glue is fixed.

6、After the wire is connected, JKONGMOTOR adopt 100% inspection of the stator resistance, resistance, withstand voltage, breakdown, and assembly after qualified.

7、JKONGMOTOR use the automatic rotor pressing machine to make the rotor, and process the outer circle of the rotor on the automatic grinding machine. After the rotor is coated with blue glue, the equipment will automatically check the outer diameter of the rotor, and then transfer to the assembly area after passing the test.

8、Before assembling the whole machine in batches, JKONGMOTOR’s inspector will arrange the first inspection first, and then arrange the batch assembly after passing the test.

9、After the batch of the whole machine is assembled, JKONGMOTOR will arrange the sound test firstly, running test secondly, and then test the resistance, inductance, withstand voltage and other parameters of the batch motors by using comprehensive tester.

10、After the inspection is completed, JKONGMOTOR will pack the motors according to the requirements, and the shipment will be arranged after checking the quantity and model.

Motor Production Process:

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Exhibition Show :

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Factory Show :

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