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What is Stepper Motor Linear Actuator?


Stepper motor linear actuators are innovative electric actuators that are widely used in various industries for their precise and controlled linear motion capabilities. These actuators are designed and manufactured by Jkongmotor, a renowned brand in the field of motor technology.

The main structure of an electric linear actuator consists of several components, including a driving motor, a reduction gear, a screw, a nut, a guide sleeve, a push rod, a sliding seat, a spring, a casing, and a turbine. It also incorporates a microswitch control system for precise positioning and control. This combination of components allows the electric linear actuator to convert rotational motion into linear motion, enabling it to perform tasks such as switching valves, gates, dampers, and other similar applications.

The electric linear actuator offers a wide range of stroke lengths, with standard options available at 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, and 400mm. Additionally, custom stroke lengths can be designed and manufactured to meet specific application requirements. The actuator's maximum thrust capacity can reach up to 6000N, and its speed ranges from 4mm/s to 35mm/s when operating without any load. It is powered by a 24V/12V direct current (DC) permanent magnet motor, allowing it to achieve efficient linear reciprocating motion.

One of the significant advantages of using electric linear actuators is their ability to reduce the need for pneumatic systems and auxiliary equipment, which are commonly required when using pneumatic actuators. Pneumatic actuators rely on a continuous supply of compressed air throughout the control operation, resulting in significant energy consumption. In contrast, electric linear actuators only require power supply during position changes, making them more energy-efficient. This energy-saving feature makes them suitable for remote control applications and widely used in sectors such as power generation, chemical processing, metallurgy, mining, light industry, transportation, and marine industries. They are commonly employed for tasks such as opening and closing valves, material handling, and flow control.

In addition to the standard electric linear actuators, Jkongmotor also offers a wide range of customized motor designs to cater to various application needs. These include gear motor designs, brake motors, integrated systems, conventional stepper motors, brushless motors, and brushed motors, among others. This diverse product range ensures that customers can find the ideal motor solution for their specific requirements.

Furthermore, Jkongmotor produces a variety of linear actuators suitable for different applications. These actuators find applications in electric sofas, lifting systems for exhibition platforms, industrial lifting systems, camera stands, projectors, wedding systems, electric turning beds, electric nursing beds, and more.

In conclusion, the stepper motor linear actuator offered by Jkongmotor is a versatile and efficient solution for precise linear motion control. Its robust construction, customizable options, and energy-saving features make it a preferred choice in various industries. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Jkongmotor continues to provide reliable motor solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

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