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Stepper Motor Linear Actuator by Jkongmotor


Are you looking for a new and innovative way to control linear motion? Look no further than the electric linear actuator, also known as the electric push rod. Jkongmotor, a leading brand in the industry, offers a range of high-quality electric linear actuators that are designed to meet a variety of needs.

The electric push rod is a new type of electric actuator that consists of a motor, push rod, and control device. It is a linear actuator that can be used for remote and centralized control. The electric push rod can move back and forth within a certain range, with standard stroke lengths of 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, and 400mm. Custom stroke lengths can also be designed based on specific application requirements.

The electric push rod can be designed with different thrusts depending on the application load. Its maximum thrust can reach up to 6000N, and its unloaded running speed is between 4mm/s to 35mm/s. The electric push rod is powered by a 24V/12V DC permanent magnet motor, which converts the motor's rotational motion into linear reciprocating motion. It drives a set of connecting rod mechanisms to complete the switching work of air dampers, valves, gates, and baffles.

Using an electric push rod as an actuator not only reduces the need for pneumatic actuator equipment and auxiliary devices but also reduces the weight of the actuator. Pneumatic actuators require a certain amount of air pressure throughout the entire control operation. Although amplifiers with low consumption can be used, the cumulative air consumption is still significant. The electric push rod actuator only requires power when changing the control opening, and it can be turned off when the desired opening is reached. Therefore, from an energy-saving perspective, the electric push rod actuator has obvious energy-saving advantages over pneumatic actuator equipment. It is suitable for remote control and is widely used in power, chemical, metallurgical, mining, light industry, transportation, and shipbuilding industries for the opening and closing of air dampers, valves, gates, and other mechanisms, as well as for material handling and flow control. It is increasingly being used to replace automatic devices such as mechanical hands, hydraulic valves, and deceleration transmission mechanisms.

In addition to the standard electric linear actuators, Jkongmotor also offers a range of customized designs, including gear motor, brake motor, integrated motor, conventional stepper motor, brushless motor, and brushed motor. Our electric push rod motors cover nema11, nema17, nema23, nema24, and nema34.

Our electric push rod motors are widely used in various industries, including electric sofas, electric lifting systems, camera mounts, projectors, wedding systems, electric turning beds, and electric nursing beds. They are designed to provide reliable and efficient linear motion control in a variety of applications.

In conclusion, Jkongmotor's electric push rod motors are an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient linear motion control solution. With a range of standard and customized designs available, Jkongmotor can provide the perfect electric push rod motor for your specific needs.

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