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I already have a motor, can I buy brake and attach on motor?


There is no need to "brake" a stepper motor. If you stop sending pulses, the driver will hold it's last state and the rotor will be locked in the position dictated by which coils are energized.

A motor brake is a type of brake designed to work with a motor to stop and hold the motor and its driven load. The brake can be one of several basic types. A brake motor is a combined brake and motor package, usually bolted together through mating C-face flanges.

Add a brake on the motor will need two conditions:
1.Motor need a rear shaft with specified shaft(Diameter, Length and D-cut).
2.There are two or three screw holes on motor rear endcap to mount brake.
Please contact our technical support before your purchase it.

Jkongmotor hybrid stepper motor with brake link:


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