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JKONGMOTOR production process:


1、JKONGMOTOR communicate with customers on specific requirements.

2、JKONGMOTOR technical staff offer drawings based on the results of the communication between the two parties and send them to the customer for confirmation.

3、Customer place an order according to the confirmed drawings and JKONGMOTOR starts to purchase related parts.

4、Incoming parts inspection: Qualified parts are put into storage, and unqualified parts are returned to the supplier, and re-inspected and put into storage until they are qualified.

5、Preparation for production: The stator is wound according to the requirements, and the resistance is tested after the winding is completed. After the inductance test is passed, it is transferred to the wiring team for wiring, and then the glue is fixed.

6、After the wire is connected, 100% inspection of the stator resistance, resistance, withstand voltage, breakdown, and assembly after qualified.

7、JKONGMOTOR use the automatic rotor pressing machine to make the rotor, and process the outer circle of the rotor on the automatic grinding machine. After the rotor is coated with blue glue, the equipment will automatically check the outer diameter of the rotor, and then transfer to the assembly area after passing the test.

8、Before assembling the whole machine in batches, JKONGMOTORs inspector will arrange the first inspection first, and then arrange the batch assembly after passing the test.

9、After the batch of the whole machine is assembled, JKONGMOTOR will arrange the sound test firstly, running test secondly, and then test the resistance, inductance, withstand voltage and other parameters of the batch motors by using comprehensive tester.

10、After the inspection is completed, JKONGMOTOR will pack the motors according to the requirements, and the shipment will be arranged after checking the quantity and model.

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