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Does the motor housing need to be grounded?


Does the motor housing need to be grounded? why?

The grounding of the motor shell is mainly considered from the perspective of safety. This is because the motor is in use due to short-circuit, aging of insulation, overheating of the electric batch caused by building a building, etc., the motor shell may leak at any time, causing the shell to become live. At this time, if If a person touches the motor casing, it is very likely that the electric shock current will flow into the ground through the person and cause personal injury or death. For safety reasons, the casing must be grounded. After the ground is reliable, since the resistance of the ground wire is small, the electric current of the casing is located The ground is equal. When a person touches the motor shell, it will not cause electric shock. Therefore, in order to protect the person and the equipment, the motor must be grounded before use.

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