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New arrival-JK86BLS71-24+ driver board with RS485


High Efficiency Cnc 3000rpm 0.4kw 400w 220VAC FOC Brushless Dc Motor 500w 48v Bldc Motor With RS485 Driver Hall Sensor

Product Name: Brushless DC Motor

Number of Phase: 3 Phase

Number of Poles: 4 Poles /8 Poles /10 Poles

Rated Voltage: 24v /36v /48v /310v
Rated Speed: 3000rpm /4000rpm /or customized
Rated Torque: Customized
Rated Current: Customized
Rated Power: 23w~2500W

Model: JK86BLS71-24
Voltage: 220V
Torque: 0.7N.m
Speed: 3000Rpm
Current: 6.3A
Power: 400w
Body length: 84.5mm
Type: bldc motor with hallsensor
JK86BLS71-24+ driver board with RS485, high and low voltage safety isolation; vector non-inductive FOC motor control, 400W 220VAC, power up to 400w
Customized Design: Customization accept, such as encoder, various gearbox, brake, or other parameters customer need.

Electrical Specification:
Number Of PhasePhase3
Number Of PolesPoles8
Rated VoltageVDC48
Rated SpeedRpm3000
Rated TorqueN.m0.350.71.051.562.1
Rated CurrentAmps36.3911.518
Rated PowerW110220330490660
Peak TorqueN.m1.
Peak CurrentAmps919273554
Back E.M.FV/Krpm13.71313.513.713.5
Torque ConstantN.m/A0.
Rotor Inertiag.c㎡400800120016002400
Body Lengthmm7184.598111.5138.5
Insulation ClassB
Degree of ProtectionIP30
Storage Temperature-25~+70℃
Operating Temperature-15~+50℃
Working Humidity85% RH or below (no condensation)
Working EnvironmentOutdoor (no direct sunlight), no corrosive gas, no flammable gas, no oil mist, no dust
Altitude1000 meters or less

brushless dc motor with RS485 driver.jpg

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