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The solution to the short circuit of the brushless motor


The solution to the short circuit of the brushless motor

Brushless motors will inevitably have various problems after long-term use. If the motor is short-circuited, how should we solve it, I will give you a brief introduction!


1. There is an open circuit at the front of the brushless motor. The motor should be connected, welded, and then wrapped with insulating material, covered with an insulating tube, wrapped up, and dried;


2. The broken cage phenomenon of the motor cage rotor can be repaired by welding, cold welding or belt replacement;


3. For the breakpoint in the slot, the group elimination method can be used to find the breakpoint, and the breakpoint is connected in the winding, and the insulation is qualified before use;


4. If the winding is severely burned due to inter-turn, inter-phase short circuit and grounding, the winding should be replaced with a new one.


Editor's reminder: When repairing brushless motor, you should combine the local actual conditions, broaden your thinking, analyze step by step, and eliminate them one by one until you find the real cause of the failure.

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