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Basic knowledge of servo system


Basic knowledge of servo system

1. Why doesn't the servo motor lose steps?

The servo motor driver receives the feedback signal of the motor encoder and compares it with the command pulse to form a semi-closed loop control of the position. Therefore, the servo motor will not lose steps, and every command pulse can be reliably responded.


2. What should be paid special attention to when installing the servo motor mechanically?

Since each servo motor is equipped with a rotary encoder at the back end, it is a very fragile precision optical device, and excessive impact will definitely damage it.


3. How to adjust the servo motor, there are several ways to adjust the servo motor?

Use Tyco's intelligent imaging software to adjust the motor's PID parameters, motor parameters, electronic gear ratio, etc.


4. We want to replace the stepper motor in the product with a servo motor. What issues should be paid attention to?

A. In order to ensure that the control system does not change much, a digital servo system should be used, and the original pulse control method can still be used;

B. Since the servo motor has a certain overload capacity, when choosing a servo motor, experience can be based on the 1/3 of the output torque of the stepper motor used to determine the rated torque of the servo motor;

C. The rated speed of the servo motor is much higher than the speed of the stepper motor. In order to give full play to the performance of the servo motor, it is best to add a deceleration device to let the servo motor work close to the rated speed, so you can also choose a smaller power Motors to reduce costs.


5. What are the advantages of controlling the servo motor in pulse mode?

1. It has high reliability and is not prone to accidents in speed. When using analog voltage to control the servo motor, if there are problems such as wrong wiring or damaged components in use, the control voltage may rise to a positive maximum value. This situation is very dangerous. If the pulse is used as the control signal, this problem will not occur.

Second, the signal has good anti-interference performance. The anti-jamming performance of digital circuits is incomparable to analog circuits.

Of course, due to the limitations of servo drives and motion controllers, there are also some performance weaknesses in controlling servo motors in pulse mode. One is that the pulse working mode of the servo drive cannot be separated from the position working mode, and the other is how the motion controller and the drive use high enough pulse signals to transmit information.


These two fundamental weaknesses make pulse control servo motors have great limitations.

(1) The flexibility of control is greatly reduced. This is because the servo drive works in position mode, and the position loop is inside the servo drive. It is very inconvenient to modify the PID parameters of the system. It will be very difficult to realize when users require relatively high control performance. From a control point of view, this is just a very low-level control strategy. If the control program does not use the encoder feedback signal, it actually becomes an open loop control. If feedback control is used, there are two position loops in the whole system, and the controller is difficult to design. In practice, feedback control is often not used, but the feedback is read from time to time for reference. For such an open-loop system, if interference occurs on the signal channel between the motion controller and the servo drive, the system cannot be overcome.

(2) The control speed is not high.


6. What inspection work should be done before the servo motor is energized?

Check the connection between the motor and the driver. The connection can not be imaginary or wrongly connected.


7. When controlling the servo, when the signal is given, the servo motor does not rotate and vibrates?

The U, V, and W three phases are connected incorrectly.


8. How to choose the servo motor and reducer for the customer according to the customer's requirements, the selected scheme should be the best.

Select the reducer according to the power, select the appropriate reducer size, and choose the appropriate servo motor according to the reducer, you must pay attention to the selection of speed. 

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