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JKM 45BLW18 24V BLDC Motor
    • JKM 45BLW18 24V BLDC Motor
    • JKM 45BLW18 24V BLDC Motor
    • JKM 45BLW18 24V BLDC Motor
    • JKM 45BLW18 24V BLDC Motor
    • JKM 45BLW18 24V BLDC Motor
    • JKM 45BLW18 24V BLDC Motor
    • JKM 45BLW18 24V BLDC Motor
Product Details

Model: Jkongmotor JK45BLW18-24V 45mm series Outer Rotor Brushless dc Motor for heating magnetic stirrer

Size 45mm, Motor Length 18~27mm, Flat Design, Rated Power 30W~70W, Rated Voltage 24VDC~ 48VDC, Rated Torque 0.05Nm~0.13N.m

Product Parameters:

Product Type: JK45BLW-24V Outer Rotor BLDC Motor


Place of Origin:china

Minimum order quantity:10pcs

Material Science:stator, rotor, stainless steel shaft, copper wire, magnetic steel...

Feature summary:  Low Inertia,Quick Feedback; High Torque,High Efficiency; Small Vibration,Low Noise

Packing:The sample is packed in carton,the batch with plastic pallet

Delivery time:Standard product: 7-10days

Customized product: 25-30days

Transaction mode:EXW, FOB, FCA, CIF, FAS, CFR, CPT, CIP, DAF, DEQ, DDU, DDP...

APPLICATION:Medical equipment: medical pumps, stirring instruments, peristaltic pumps, biopharmaceutical equipment. Industrial equipment: winding machines, printing machines, robots, grinding, cutting, drilling, automatic conveying systems, automatic positioning systems, level control systems, electric actuators, electric valves, vending machines.

Electrical Specification:

Axial forceN10
Insulation class
Number of phasesphase3
Number of polespole16
Shaft diametermm4
Supply voltageV DC24
Front sizemm42.8454545
Max currentA4.84.37.411
Max. torqueNm0.
Moment of inertiag.cm²99100135181
Nominal speedrpm5000500052604840
Nominal torqueNm0.050.050.0840.13
Radial forceN28202020
Returning voltage EMKVrms/krmp2.612.612.55275
Torque constantmNm/A35.335.234.437.1

Note: Above only for representative products, products of special request can be made according to the customer request.

Product Dimensions: (Unit=mm)


Customized Design:

If this motor do not match with your request. Please feel free to contact with us,We can make customized shaft / winding / mounting flange / cable / connector / Encoder / Brake / Gearbox and others. We will works side-by-side with you and your team to design a motor that will fit the precise needs of your application. All Engineering and Support is done in-house.

24v bldc motor

Customized Shaft Types:

24v brushless dc motor

24v bldc motor

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