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Differences of HS, HM, and H3P Stepper Motors


Introduction: Stepper motors play a crucial role in various industries and applications, providing precise control over rotational movements. In this blog post, we will explore the differences between three types of stepper motors offered by Jkongmotor: HS, HM, and H3P stepper motors. We will delve into their specifications, including phase, step size, and compatibility with different Nema sizes.

HS Stepper motors: HS Stepper motors offered by Jkongmotor are 2-phase motors with a step size of 1.8 degrees. These motors are versatile, available in various Nema sizes, including nema 8, nema 11, nema 14, nema 16, nema 17, nema 23, nema 24, nema 34, nema 42, and nema 52. This wide range of sizes makes them suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, from small-scale precision mechanisms to larger industrial systems.

HM Stepper motors: Jkongmotor's HM stepper motors differ from the HS models in terms of step size. These motors are also 2-phase but have a smaller step size of 0.9 degrees. The HM series primarily offers two Nema sizes: nema 17 and nema 23. The reduced step size allows for finer granularity and enhances the motor's precision, making it ideal for applications requiring accurate positioning or control, such as robotics and automation systems.

H3P Stepper motors: The H3P stepper motors offered by Jkongmotor belong to the 3-phase category and have a step size of 1.2 degrees. This series features two Nema sizes: nema 23 and nema 34. The additional phase provides improved torque and smoother operation compared to 2-phase motors. The H3P motors find applications in industries that demand high torque and precision, such as CNC machines, 3D printers, and medical equipment.

Summary: To summarize, Jkongmotor offers three types of Stepper motors with distinct characteristics. The HS series comprises 2-phase motors with a 1.8-degree step size, available in various Nema sizes. HM motors, also 2-phase, have a smaller step size of 0.9 degrees and come in nema 17 and nema 23 sizes. Lastly, the H3P series offers 3-phase motors with a 1.2-degree step size, suitable for high-torque applications, and available in nema 23 and nema 34 sizes.

Choosing the right Stepper motor depends on the specific needs of your application, considering factors such as precision, torque requirements, and compatibility with the Nema size. Jkongmotor provides a comprehensive range of Stepper motors, ensuring that you can find one that best fits your project's requirements.

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