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What are the applications of planetary gearboxes?


Planetary reducer is a kind of deceleration transmission equipment that is widely used. It is usually used to reduce the output speed of the drive motor and increase the output torque to achieve the ideal transmission effect. It is widely used in smart home, smart communication, consumer electronics, and industrial automation. , intelligent vehicles, intelligent robots and other fields, the following describes the detailed application and characteristics of planetary reducers in various fields.

1. The field of smart home

The products in the application of planetary reducer in the field of smart home include hand-held washing machine, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator door opening and closing, rotating TV screen, baby stroller, lifting socket, sweeping robot, smart toilet, range hood lifting, TV telescopic , Lifting mosquito nets, lifting hot pot, electric sofas, lifting tables, electric curtains, smart home door locks, etc.

2. The field of intelligent communication

The products used by planetary reducer in the field of intelligent communication include communication base station ESC, base station signal electric tilt actuator, base station smart cabinet lock actuator, VR glasses ESC system, and 5G base station antenna electric adjustment actuator.

3. The field of consumer electronics

Planetary reducers are used in the field of consumer electronics in products such as mobile phone lifting camera actuators, mobile phone photo printers, smart mice, rotating speakers, smart PTZs, Bluetooth lifting headsets, electronic cigarette equipment, etc.

4. Industrial automation

The application products of planetary reducer in industrial automation include industrial valve drive system, door valve drive system, vending machine system, electric screwdriver system, intelligent logistics cabinet system, automatic reclosing, automatic feeder system, earthquake tester, bicycle lock system, etc.

5. Smart cars

The products used by planetary reducer in smart car drives include electric car charging gun lock actuator, car logo lift and flip system, car logo lift and flip drive system, car door handle telescopic system, car tail drive system, EPB drive system, car large Light regulator systems, automotive dashboard systems, automotive electric tailgate drive systems, etc.

Planetary reducer is one of many types of reducer. The main transmission structure of the planetary reducer is composed of a planetary gear set and a drive motor. It has the characteristics of light weight, small size, large transmission ratio range, good performance, stable operation, low noise and strong adaptability, so it is widely used in micro drive field.

6. Geared Stepper Motor Geared Brushless DC Motor

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