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JKONGMOTOR nema 23 integrated stepper motor


Model: 1.8 Deg 2 phase Nema 23 Integrated Step Servo Motor 56 / 80 / 101mm Support standard MODBUS-RTU


1、Drive and motor integrated design, simplify system structure and improve system integration

2、Support multiple control modes including pulse/direction and bus control

3、Smooth and high-speed operation, precise positioning, no step lost and fast response

4、Low noise, adjust current in real time and reduce heat

Product Parameters:

Product Name: 1.8degree 57mm Nema 23 Integrated Stepper Motor

Model Name: STM integrated steppers

Size: 57x57mm Stepping Motor with Intelligent driver

Current / Phase: 1.8A ~ 5.0A

Motor Length: 56mm / 80mm / 101mm

Product Type: 2 Phase integrated step servo motor / integrated stepper motor driver

Holding Torque: 1.2N.m ~ 3N.m

General Specification:

Output currentA1.8-4
Input voltageVdc243650
Rated input currentmA101050
Rated input voltageV-2424
Pulse frequencykHz0-200
Insulation resistance100--

Techical Data:

Techical Data
Step Angle°
Rated VoltageV(DC)24~5024~5024~50
Output CurrentA455
Holding TorqueN.m1.22.23
Motor Lengthmm5680101
Insulation Grade-BBB
Operating Temperature0~550~550~55

more details click: https://www.jkongmotor.com/Product/JKM-57mm-Integrated-Stepper-Motor.html

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