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Axial Flux Motor Technology


Axial Flux Motor Technology

Axial flux motors (also known as "disc motors") have different magnetic flux paths than ordinary radial motors. The air gap is flat, and the magnetic field direction of the air gap is parallel to the direction of the motor axis. The core technical advantage of the axial flux motor is that the rotating rotor is structurally located on the side of the stator (not inside the stator), and the rotor has a larger diameter size, and torque = force × radius, so it can be under the same force. Get higher torque output. This means that higher torque output can be obtained on the premise of providing the same permanent magnet material and copper wire material. Usually, the design of the new axial flux motor can increase the torque density by more than 30% compared with the design of the traditional radial flux motor.

In the field of automotive electric drives using permanent magnet synchronous motors or induction motors, traditional radial flux motors are being extensively developed for weight and cost optimization, but there is limited room for further improvement in technology. So moving to a completely different motor type might be a good alternative. Because the axial flux motor has the technical characteristics of compact structure, flat and ultra-thin, small size, light weight and high power density, many developers have made great efforts to improve the technology in the past ten years, so that it is gradually suitable for electric motorcycles, airport cranes, etc. cabins, cargo trucks, electric vehicles, and even electric planes.

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