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High Quality Brake Stepper Motor of JKONGMOTOR


Brake stepper motor product overview

Electromagnetic brake, also known as brake, brake, and brake. When the motor is powered off, the brake system is activated instantly, which firmly locks the motor shaft to prevent the equipment from being powered off, causing the motor to slide naturally due to the work load or move horizontally due to external force. Keep the work stopped in place. Release in time after power-on does not affect the normal operation of the motor.

JKONGMOTORs brake stepper motors use the latest permanent magnet brakes. Compared with ordinary spring brakes, permanent magnet brakes are compact in structure and easy to install, with low noise, fast response, long life, low heat, and low power consumption. With many advantages, it is an ideal modern automation actuator, suitable for stepper motors, brushless motors, and servo motors for high-precision positioning applications.

JKONGMOTORs brake stepper motors cover 28mm, 35mm, 39mm, 42mm, 57mm, 86mm and other models, with high cost performance and high stability.

Product features of brake stepper motor:

● Fully realize high-speed, zero-loss and silent operation, super long life performance.

● There is no need to adjust the air gap during use, and balanced braking can be achieved at any angle.

● Small size, closely matched with the motor, and the overall appearance is beautiful.

● The response time is 1/10 of the normal spring compression electromagnetic brake, only 30ms.

● Low power consumption, low temperature rise, and stable braking torque within the temperature range.

Brake stepper motor application field:

JKONGMOTORs brake stepper motor is mainly used for the transmission mechanism suitable for vertical and horizontal movement. It is fixed and maintained in place after power failure. It does not affect the normal operation of the motor when the power is turned on. It is the preferred braking unit for the Z-axis motion system. It is used in packaging, medical, Ceramics, textiles, lifting, storage, woodworking, winding, printing, food, elevators and other machinery and equipment are widely used.

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