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High Quality Coreless Brushless DC Motor of JKONGMOTOR


Coreless Brushless DC Motor Product Overview:

JKONGMOTORs coreless brushless DC motor is specially designed and manufactured for use in extreme environmental conditions, with precise structure, long life and high reliability, especially ultra-quiet operation and extremely low noise level. It is worth paying special attention to the organic combination of rare earth material rotor and skewed winding professional technology to ensure the highest output torque and dynamic response index of the coreless brushless DC motor, which can meet the use of different operating conditions in various automation industries.

The brushless DC drive developed with the latest professional technology better solves the controllability of the traditional hollow-cup brushless DC motor. It has the characteristics of high power density, high operating efficiency, no sparks, low noise, and less external interference. Therefore, it has been widely used. Used in high-performance motion control fields in the small and medium power range, such as industrial robots, CNC machine tools, manned spacecraft, high-end household appliances, etc. As people's requirements for environmental protection and energy conservation increase, many original AC motors or brushed motors are used. , All need to be replaced by brushless motors, so there will be more and more applications of brushless motors!


Coreless Brushless DC Motor Product Features:

1The structure is precise, economical and applicable, with high reliability, durability and extremely long service life.

2Brushless electronic commutation, no commutation sparks, safe and environmentally friendly.

3There is no cogging effect, and the rotor is dynamically balanced, running quietly and smoothly.

4The driver circuit can be built-in; it is also very convenient to match different high-precision planetary gear reducers to obtain greater torque output at low speeds.


Coreless Brushless DC Motor Application Field

Medical disinfection type: R&D personnel of medical equipment are always looking for cost-effective, high-quality and reliable motor products. Our motors have long-term experience in driving technology for medical equipment. The specially treated DC brushless servo motor can withstand high temperature and high pressure disinfection and sterilization, so it is especially suitable for high-end applications such as medical and laboratory equipment.


Drive pump, ventilation and scanning: The hollow-cup DC brushless (servo) motors produced by us are suitable for driving pumps, ventilation and scanning and other ideal products that require continuous operation of equipment.


JKONGMOTORs coreless brushless DC motors have been widely used in household appliances, medical equipment, peristaltic pumps, security monitoring equipment, power tools, audio-visual equipment, commercial equipment, and other industrial equipment in cutting, grinding, drilling, transmission And other uses

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