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Introduction to Brushless Motors


Title: Introduction to Brushless Motors

Brushless DC motors, such as those produced by Jkongmotor, consist of an electric motor body and a driver, representing a typical example of electromechanical integration. Due to their self-controlled operation, brushless DC motors do not require additional starting windings on the rotor, unlike synchronous motors under variable frequency speed control. Additionally, they do not exhibit oscillations or stepping during sudden load changes. In small to medium-sized brushless DC motors, the permanent magnets often utilize high-energy rare-earth neodymium-iron-boron (Nd-Fe-B) materials. Consequently, the volume of rare-earth permanent magnet brushless motors is reduced by one frame size compared to the same capacity three-phase asynchronous motors.

The stator winding of the motor is often configured in a three-phase symmetrical star connection, similar to three-phase asynchronous motors. The rotor of the motor is equipped with pre-magnetized permanent magnets, and to detect the polarity of the rotor, a position sensor is installed within the motor. The driver, composed of power electronic devices and integrated circuits, serves various functions, including receiving start, stop, and braking signals to control the motor's operation, receiving position sensor signals and forward/reverse rotation signals to control the switching of the inverter bridge's power transistors, generating continuous torque, and accepting speed commands and feedback signals to control and adjust the speed. The driver also provides protection and display functions, among others.

Due to its characteristics as both a DC brushed motor and a frequency-changing device, brushless DC motors are also known as DC variable frequency motors, internationally referred to as BLDC. The operational efficiency, low-speed torque, and speed accuracy of brushless DC motors surpass those of any control technology's variable frequency drive, making them noteworthy within the industry.

With the continuous maturation and improvement of technology, brushless motors have experienced rapid development. They have been widely applied in various fields such as model aircraft, medical equipment, household appliances, and electric vehicles, forming initial industrial chains in cities like Shenzhen, Changsha, and Shanghai. Notable specialized manufacturers, including Shenzhen Weiyee Motor and Changsha Keda, have been actively advancing the industry through technological advancements. In recent years, brushless motors have rapidly emerged as a dominant power source in the model field. Due to increased production and reduced costs, brushless motors, once primarily used in high-end aviation models, are now prevalent across various levels of the model industry, from electric remote-controlled cars to boats and model aircraft, marking their ubiquitous presence.

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