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What is a coreless DC motor? | JKONGMOTOR


DC Coreless motors, as the name suggests, have no iron core in the rotor. Instead, a copper wire winding in a basket configuration (coil) rotates around the outside of a cylindrical magnet. Three major features of coreless motors are as follows: DC Coreless motors, as the name suggests, have no iron core in the rotor.

coreless removes weight from the rotor. brushless generates heat around the outside of the motor and that is typically more efficient.

Coreless DC motors are ideal for a myriad of dynamic applications, including robotics projects such as small positioning systems and pan/tilt systems. Medical devices such as prosthetics, insulin pumps, X-ray machines and laboratory equipment, also benefit from the use of coreless motors.

The start arm is simply moved towards right to start the motor. Thus, maximum resistance is connected in series with the armature during starting and then gradually decreased as the start arm moves towards right. This starter is sometimes also called as a 2 point starter.

16mm coreless dc motor testing: 

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