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JKM Nema17 T-type Lead Screw Motor
    • JKM Nema17 T-type Lead Screw Motor
    • JKM Nema17 T-type Lead Screw Motor
    • JKM Nema17 T-type Lead Screw Motor
    • JKM Nema17 T-type Lead Screw Motor
    • JKM Nema17 T-type Lead Screw Motor
    • JKM Nema17 T-type Lead Screw Motor
Product Details

Model: 2 Phase Hybrid Nema 17 External Linear Stepper Motor with T-type Lead Screw JK42HST(1.8 degree)

Due to simple magnetic properties and no mechanical conversion, a linear motor offers precise and fast linear force. Stepper motors, on the other hand, have quite complex functionality due to the involvement of mechanical conversion and, most importantly, the introduction of multiple steps in the process.

A stepper motor is a device used for precise motion control, while a linear actuator is a linear motion device used for simple linear motion applications. They differ in construction, feedback, and force and speed characteristics, among other factors.

Jkongmotor Products range of 42mm (NEMA17) Hybrid stepper motors are ideal for applications where size and cost is an important factor. JKONGMOTOR's NEMA 17 stepepr motors can be supplied with a variety of housings, single or double shaft options, winding configurations and IP rating options, JKONGMOTOR can also provide other stepper motor or bldc motor customized, such as brake, encoder, gearbox or integrated step motor...

Linear Stepper Motors: These stepper motors with linear motion are open-loop systems with a base and a slider. They provide high speeds and resolutions. The sliders are also called forcers which contain a permanent magnet, teeth, and motor windings.

Linear motors are commonly used for actuating high performance industrial automation equipment. Their advantage, unlike any other commonly used actuator, such as a ball screw, timing belt, or rack and pinion, is that they provide any combination of high precision, high velocity, high force and long travel.


Product Name: Nema 17 Linear Stepper Motor

Size: 42x42mm Step Motor

Holding Torque: 2.6kg.cm ~ 7.3kg.cm

Leads No.: 4leads

Motor Length: 34mm / 40mm / 48mm / 60mm

Product Type: 2 Phase Hybrid Stepping Motor

Customized Parts: Connector, Gearbox, Encoder, Brake, Integrated driver...

General Specifiction:



Step Angle


Temperature Rise


Ambient Temperature


Insulation Resistance

100 MΩ Min. ,500VDC

Dielectric Strength

500VAC for 1minute

Shaft Radial Play

0.02Max. (450g-load)

Shaft Axial Play

0.08Max. (450g-load)

Max. radial force

28N (20mm from the flange)

Max. axial force


Electrical Specification:

Model No.Step AngleMotor LengthCurrentResistanceInductanceHolding Torque# of LeadsRotor InteriaMass
( °)(L)mmAΩmHkg.cmNo.g.cm2kg

Note: Above only for representative products, products of special request can be made according to the customer request.

Screw Road Specification:

Screw DiameterScrew LeadScrew PitchTravel per stepScrew DiameterScrew LeadScrew PitchTravel per step

Note: Above only for representative products, products of special request can be made according to the customer request.

Feature summary:

Feature summary:Low Inertia, Quick Response; High Torque, High Efficiency; Low Vibration, Low Noise.

Minimum order quantity:10pcs

Material Science:stator, rotor, stainless steel shaft, copper wire, magnetic steel...

Applicatin Scope: 3D Printers, Monitor Equipment, Medical Machinery, Textile Machinery, Packaging Machinery,  Lighting, ect.

Packing:The sample is packed in carton,the batch with plastic pallet

Delivery time:Standard product: 7-10days

Customized product: 25-30days

Transaction mode:EXW, FOB, FCA, CIF, FAS, CFR, CPT, CIP, DAF, DEQ, DDU, DDP...

Product Dimensions: (Unit=mm)

linear stepper motor nema 17.jpg

Different Types:

what is linear stepper motor

Feature summaryHigh torque; High stability; Easy to plug...

Customized Design:

If this motor do not match with your request. Please feel free to contact with us,We can make customized shaft / winding / mounting flange / cable / connector / Encoder / Brake / Gearbox and others. We will works side-by-side with you and your team to design a motor that will fit the precise needs of your application. All Engineering and Support is done in-house.

hybrid stepper motor

Customized Shaft Types:

nema8 stepper motor

stepper motor shaft

Matched Drivers:

2 Phase Stepper Motor driver Model:  JK0220 / DM420 

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