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Servo motor selection process


Servo motor selection process

When selecting a servo motor, we must pay attention to the following 5 factors for the external working conditions of the motor:

1. Load mechanism (determine the type of mechanism and its detailed data, such as the length of the ball screw, the diameter of the ball screw, the stroke and the diameter of the pulley, etc.).


2. Action mode (determine the action mode of the control object, the relationship between time and speed; convert the action mode of the control object to the action form on the motor shaft; determine the operation mode, including acceleration time (ta), constant speed time (tu) , Deceleration time (td), stop time (ts), cycle time (tc) and movement distance (L) and other parameters).


3. Load inertia, torque and speed (the full load inertia and full load torque on the motor shaft can be obtained after conversion).


4. Positioning accuracy (confirm whether the pulse number of the encoder meets the resolution required by the system).


5. Use environment (such as ambient temperature, humidity, use environment atmosphere, vibration and shock, etc.).

After completing the above calculations, we can basically select the motor based on the above information.


Then you need to pay attention to the following 6 aspects when selecting the corresponding servo motor specifications (the information usually appears on the nameplate of the motor, of course, there will be more comprehensive and detailed information in the selection manual):

1. Motor capacity (W)

2. Motor rated speed (rpm)

3. Rated torque and maximum torque (N • m)

4. Rotor inertia (kg • )

5. Holding brake (brake) (According to the design of the action mechanism, consider whether it will cause the rotation trend of the motor in the power failure or static state. If there is a rotation trend, you need to choose a servo motor with a brake)

6. Volume, weight, size (Siemens motor can query the outline drawing of the motor in DT Configurator)

The four selection principles for motor selection based on load data are as follows:

Equivalent to the load speed of the motor end<the rated speed of the motor

Effective torque equivalent to the motor end<rated torque of the motor

Equivalent to the instantaneous maximum torque of the motor end<the maximum torque of the motor

Equivalent to the load inertia of the motor end<5 times the motor rotor inertia 

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