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JKM PLF80 Planetary Gearbox for BLDC
    • JKM PLF80 Planetary Gearbox for BLDC
    • JKM PLF80 Planetary Gearbox for BLDC
    • JKM PLF80 Planetary Gearbox for BLDC
    • JKM PLF80 Planetary Gearbox for BLDC
    • JKM PLF80 Planetary Gearbox for BLDC
    • JKM PLF80 Planetary Gearbox for BLDC
    • JKM PLF80 Planetary Gearbox for BLDC
    • JKM PLF80 Planetary Gearbox for BLDC
Product Details

Model: Jkongmotor PLF80 80mm Round Head High Precision Planetary Gearbox Reducer for 80mm 86mm Brushless dc Motor

The 80mm BLDC motor has a 24V DC input and is compatible with the planetary gearboxes. It has a rated speed of 4000 rpm, a maximum speed of 8000 rpm, and a maximum output torque of 15-80 Nm depending on the gear ratio. It also has a low noise level of ≤58 dB and a high efficiency of up to 96%. Its rotation direction is input/output syntropy, and its protection class is IP65. The motor can be mounted in any position.

  1. 1、ANSYS technology is utilized to perform finite element analysis on the strength of the gears. Additionally, the helical tooth surface is adjusted for tooth shape and lead in order to reduce impact and noise during gear engagement, thereby increasing the lifespan of the gear system.

  2. 2、High-quality low carbon alloy steel is chosen as the gear material. It undergoes carburizing and quenching to achieve a hardness of approximately HRC60. The gears are processed using high-precision machine tools to ensure accuracy below ISO5 level, thus obtaining optimal wear resistance and impact resistance.

  3. 3、The gear ring and output flange are designed as an integrated unit. High-quality steel is used and it is formed through hot forging, resulting in a high material density. The integrated design guarantees that all geometric dimensions are formed in one step, providing higher accuracy and strength compared to other structures such as embedded and sandwich designs.

  4. 4、The planetary wheel bearings adopt full-roller needle bearings without retainers, increasing the output torque and rigidity of the reducer.

  5. 5、The use of a cage-type planetary frame and an integrated output shaft with bearings supported at both ends ensures higher strength and accuracy.

  6. 6、The input shaft and motor are clamped separately and undergo dynamic balancing tests to ensure coaxiality and zero-backlash power transmission at high input speeds.

  7. 7、Synthetic lubricants are used, and the sealing design meets the IP65 protection rating, ensuring that the lubricating oil does not leak and requires no maintenance.

General Specification of PLF80 High Precision Planetary Gearbox:

StageⅠ StageⅡ Stage

Length (mm)141.5166.5
Rated Speed (rpm)35003500
Max Speed (rpm)60006000
Max. radial force (N)550550
Max. axial force (N)500500
No-load Torque (N.m)0.80.4
Efficiency (%)9694
Backlash (arcmin)≤10≤15
Noise (dB)≤62≤62
Weight (kg)33.6
Working Lifetime (h)>20000 (Continuous operating life halved)
Torsional rigidity (Nm/arcmin)7.5
Lubrication MethodLong-term
Rotation DirectionInput/Output Syntropy
Protection ClassIP65
Mounting PositionArbitrarily

80mm Brushless DC Motor Planetary Gearboxes Electrical Specification:

Gear Ratio(i)Ⅰ StageⅡ Stage
Rated Output Torque (Nm)55909564406060959510095100951007045
Max Output Torque (Nm)1101801901288012012019019020019020019020014090
Rotor Inertia(kgcm² )0.770.520.450.40.390.670.670.50.440.440.390.440.390.420.440.44

Planetary Gearbox Drawing:

Planetary gearbox for bldc motor

Product Parameters:

Product Type: JKPLF80 Round Planetary Gearbox Reducer for Geared BLDC Motor

Place of Origin: china

Minimum order quantity:10pcs

Material Science: stator, rotor, stainless steel shaft, copper wire, magnetic steel...

Feature summary:  Low Inertia, Quick Feedback; High Torque, High Efficiency; Small Vibration, Low Noise

Packing: The sample is packed in cartoon, the batch with plastic pallets

Delivery time: Standard product: 7-10days

Customized product: 25-30days

Transaction mode: EXW, FOB, FCA, CIF, FAS, CFR, CPT, CIP, DAF, DEQ, DDU, DDP...

APPLICATION: Medical equipment: medical pumps, stirring instruments, peristaltic pumps, biopharmaceutical equipment. Industrial equipment: winding machines, printing machines, robots, grinding, cutting, drilling, automatic conveying systems, automatic positioning systems, level control systems, electric actuators, electric valves, vending machines.

Customized Gearbox Design:

planetary gearbox Reducer

Customized Design:

If this motor do not match with your request. Please feel free to contact with us,We can make customized shaft / winding / mounting flange / cable / connector / Encoder / Brake / Gearbox and others. We will works side-by-side with you and your team to design a motor that will fit the precise needs of your application. All Engineering and Support is done in-house.

24v BLDC Motor

Customized Shaft Types:

48v brushless dc motor

bldc motors

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