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90ST AC Servo Motor Kits
    • 90ST AC Servo Motor Kits
    • 90ST AC Servo Motor Kits
    • 90ST AC Servo Motor Kits
    • 90ST AC Servo Motor Kits
    • 90ST AC Servo Motor Kits
    • 90ST AC Servo Motor Kits
Product Details

Genaral Characteristic:

Frame number(mm)Working voltage(VAC)Rated speed(rpm)Maximum speed(rpm)Rated power(kW)Rated torque(Nm)
Insulation classInstallation modePole pairsTemperatureHumiditySafety class
B/FFlange4-20~40℃Less than 90%
(No condensation)

90ST AC Servo Motor Feature:

Type: 90ST-M02430 / 90ST-M03520 / 90ST-M04025 AC servo motor

Rated Power:  0.75KW / 0.73KW / 1KW

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated current: 3A / 3A / 4.4A

Rated speed :3000RPM / 2000RPM / 2500RPM

Rated torque: 2.39N.m / 3.5N.m / 4N.m

Encoder Line Number: 2500PPR

Installation dimensions:

Motor type90ST-M0243090ST-M0352090ST-M04025
L(mm)(Without brake)150172182
L(mm)(With permanent magnet brake)207229239
L(mm) With electromagnetic break198220230

90mm AC Servo Motor Parameters:

Motor type90ST – M0243090ST – M0352090ST – M04025
Rated power(W)0.750.731.0
Rated voltage(V)220220220
Rated current(A)33.04
Rated speed(rpm)300020002500
Rated torque(N.m)2.43.54
Peak torque(N.m)7.110.512
Peak current(A)9912
Voltage constant(V/Krpm)516760
Torque coefficient(N.m/A)
Rotor inertia(Kg.m²)2.45×10-43.4×10-43.7×10-4
Line-Line resistace (Ω)
Line-Line inductance(mH)
Electrical time constant(ms)2.22.392.3
Insulation classClass F

90ST AC Servo Motor Dimensions:


AC Servo Motor Features:

1、Design scheme: adopt a new electromagnetic design scheme, lower temperature rise, small motor inertia

2、Application areas: robotics, 3C and other consumer electronics industries

Related Servo Motor Drivers Parameters:

1、Input voltage: Single-phase or three-phase 220~ 380VAC ( -15~+10%), 50~60HZ

2、Control mode: Position control, speed control, torque control

3、Type of encoder: 2500-line incremental type photoelectric encoder ,23-bit absolute value encoder

4、Communication method: RS485, RS232, CANopen, standard MODBUS communication

3、Input  and  output  points:  IO  programmable  supports  positive  and  negative  logic  settings  and  function  of  relocation, 4-channel   input   supports   16   functions   configuration,   3-channel   output   supports   12   functions configuration

4、Monitoring capabilities: Provide 16 states monitor like location, speed, current, voltage, input and output

Rated 220V output power reference table:

Output power0.4kW0.75kW1.5kW2.2kW3kW5kW

Rated 380V output power reference table:

Output power1.5kW2.5kW3.5kW5.5kW7.5kW

Servo Motor Driver Dimensions:

ac servo motor driver

ac servo motor 1kw

Servo Driver Features:

1、Small in volume and compact in size, which greatly saves the installation space

2、Strong  internal  position  model can plan  multi-path  in  continuous  operation, so  as  to  achieve  rich  motion  control function; support 32 sets of data programming at most, each of which can set pulse numbers or angle according to needs, and can set the speed , acceleration, deceleration and emergent deceleration

3、Automatically measure the mechanical properties of load inertia, configure optimal gain, reduce the commissioning time of the system

4、Make  analysis  of  mechanical  resonance  frequency,  configure  2  sets  of  notch  filters,  which  can  adjust  frequency (50~ 5000Hz) and notch depth, effectively overcome low frequency resonance and vibration of mechanical end, and can set vibration frequency (1~100Hz) and vibration damping

5、The function of friction torque compensation can reduce the effect of static friction force during mechanical reversal, and improve tracking performance of instructions operating at low speed

6、Support  debugging   software,  able  to   make   analysis   of  mechanical  properties,   set  parameters   and  conduct surveillance, simple and intuitive to operate.

Customized Design:

If this motor do not match with your request. Please feel free to contact with us,We can make customized shaft / winding / mounting flange / cable / connector / Encoder / Brake / Gearbox and others. We will works side-by-side with you and your team to design a motor that will fit the precise needs of your application. All Engineering and Support is done in-house.

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